10 ×10 Hennessey VelociRaptor, The Monster Truck You Ever See

10 ×10 Hennessey VelociRaptor

Why this monster have ten wheels? Why does some Whales have Unicorns? Even I don’t know there are some armed ATV’s which have eight wheels to evenly distribute their weight. In some case when wheels blow off, So those extra wheels provide rebundancy to the vehicle. However, when I checked last time , nobody had used a powerful ford truck to one – shot on RPG.

Maybe it was built as a fail safe machine in case a toothed tiger bites a tyre. It doesn’t look good where the 2 axles are passing through the passenger door. So, to enter in this monster you have to go from the above. Just like a military tank. Due to these 10 tyres, this monster get a lot of attention.

I even don’t know what type of engine is used in this Badboy. But i can definitely say it is not using a regular ford engine. Due to these five axles, their must be 40% power loss. To minimise these losses , every axles should be driven through electric motor.

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