1500 Hp Audi RS6 Chiron Avant Hypercar with Quad – Turbocharged W16, Design


Audi RS6 Chiron Avant

Not Happy with the most powerful Audi RS6? and Not even with the ABT Version which are tuned to fit with your needs? So Here is the most powerful Audi RS6 Chiron Edition which combines with the Audi design Along with the Bugatti Chiron features.

Here you can see what happened when Bugatti and Audi collaboration produces a prolong full 1500 Hp Hypercar the greatest four wheel drive out there. The extremely powerful 8 litre W16 engine with 1500 HP is what the artist prokcol Design believes may gave birth to the Audi RS6 Chiron Edition.

In Simple terms, it would be the two RS6 Engine with extra 300 Hp which would be enough for very High performance vehicle.This beast could go from 0 to 100 km/hr in a span of 3 seconds with the top speed of almost 450 km/h.

Audi RS6 Chiron Avant

From the styling perspective, we can observe the two – tone Bodywork and the single frame grille which are characteristics Ingolstadf Brand. Even though the front lights comes from the Bugatti Chiron and the rear leds are similar as RS6 with a LED fascia which joins the two light clusters.

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