2024 W16 Buggati Mistral – The Ultimate Roadster

2024 W16 Buggati Mistral

The legendary Hypercar manufacturer will only produce the 2024 W16 Buggati Mistral with the powerful 8L, W16 quad- turbo engine. Only 99 Mistral will be built and all of them have been sold at $5 Million.

Under the surface, the Mistral is really a Chiron super sport. However, it’s not just a roofless Chiron super sport. Achim Anseheidt, Bugatti Design Director Said ” You can’t just cut open a Chiron” not lash the sweeping are that begins at the A-pillar and wraps all around the side of vehicle. “It was going to look terrible”.

However, this Beast comes with the 80L quad turbo W16 engine and generates about 1578 Horsepower with 7 speed automatic dual clutch transmission. Buggati official’s says that the car can go at top speed of 260mph.

2024 W16 Buggati Mistral

Whereas the exterior of Bugatti Mistral designed in a very unique way which is not based on any of the latest Bugatti models.The front Headlamp of Mistral are designed with the four diagonal lighting strips and the rear light designed as two arrows which points Bugatti symbol.

When it comes to the interior, it is very similar as the Chiron cabin except the gear lever which consist of Dancing elephant sculpture in it.

2024 W16 Buggati Mistral

This roffless Mistral will be the fastest Open -Top Hypercar in the world say’s Bugatti. However, A roof top is not shown in any official images of Mistral. But Bugatti said they will offer a temporary panel than a full top with this Mistral.

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